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It was five years of various interviews and research on documents that had not been studied from this perspective.

The result is a book that has aroused interest worldwide and is leading consecrated historians to see the emergence a new side in the history of World War II. High Hitler tells in detail Hitler’s dependence.

His personal physician, Theodor Morell, administered 74 different drugs to the führer, from steroid injections to heroin-like products. But the revelation that may lead to a new understanding of the beginning of the war concerns German soldiers.

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Documents found by Ohler show that they were given generous doses of methamphetamine to be more willing and imbued with a sense of euphoria and invincibility – which would have been crucial in the successful invasions of France and Poland.

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This work is an invitation to the discussion of a very controversial subject, that is, the exercise of the will when in moments when free will is affected.

The situation of chemical addiction or drug addiction lends this characteristic to the human being: shake his will and fundamentally compromise his free will The theme of drug addiction comes with another; the question of the freedom to be able to do what is wanted, commonly associated with the possibility of accomplishing something that provides pleasure, and in this case, the use of drugs.

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In this particular, this work is of great importance, for bringing to the fore the concern: how is the relationship between the pursuit of hedonic freedom and the use of illicit drugs being considered? How is the course and the course of reflection so fundamental to society?

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